Welcome to the Fanapi CARE initiative, a project of the Fanapi Foundation. C.A.R.E stands for “Clinics for All in Remote Environments.” The remote environments specifically refer to the small remote outer islands in the Pacific Island nation of Micronesia specifically in Northwest region of Chuuk State, FSM. The lack of resources in the State of Chuuk coupled with the geographical remoteness of these outer islands make it doubly challenging for our people to receive the health care they deserve and need. Our changing culture and dependence on imported food threaten the lives and future of the future generation of Chuukese. Health education must be part of the school curriculum as an early way to educate future Chuukese on preventative health skills.

If you care about eliminating poverty and contributing to the health care of children and women in tropical paradise of Micronesia, then join your hands with us. Together we can build an equitable world.